This pioneering brand of high-class walnut furniture was established in 2007 by architect Dong Minh Hau. The Headquarters and Showroom with a area of more than 1000m2 are centrally located at 59 Nguyen Quoc Tri, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Next to Big C Thang Long and National Convention Center).


VISION: To become, in the minds of customers, the leading consultant and provide the leading overall Architecture – Interior solutions for Villas and High-class Villas. To Develop and transport products to major provinces domestically and export to developed countries in the world.

MISSION: To Provide synchronous solutions from Design, Construction to High-end Furniture market, especially villas and mansions. To Provide unique products, for high-end building projects. To turn the house into a home and a meaningful LIFE space – ensure the HOUSE is a place for families to gather.

CORE VALUES: Make people the focus to create unique and flawless products for sustainable business development. To serve customers with sincerity, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, work ethic and creativity.

Focus on High-end Furniture sector

Orienting a development path that is completely different from other companies in the same field, Dong Gia is a general contractor for design & construction, providing total solutions from architectural renovation – interior design, furniture and construction completion.

Dong Gia focuses on the high-end sector; Villas, Penthouses Luxury Sky Villas delivering unique walnut furniture design and construction incorporating trends and styles…

Products make in Vietnam

Dong Gia is known as a leader with innovative, exclusive furniture products and is proudly dedicated to the success of products made in Vietnam. Through a process of research and development, coupled with a complete design and construction process using high-quality raw materials meeting European standards, Dong Gia has created artistic products with high value and high quality.

Furniture Showroom

After 15 years of strong development, in 2022, Dong Gia’s showroom will officially move to the center of Hanoi with an area of ​​more than 1000m2 and become a place to enjoy artful walnut furniture at its finest.


Dong Gia has completed a factory with an area of 4000m2 with professional processes and scientific synchronous lines to create masterpieces of Handmade furniture, bringing soul to each and every work.

With nearly 100 skilled, experienced, enthusiastic, passionate and meticulous artisans, producing unique works designed by Dong Gia.


Dong Gia understands its responsibilities the community, in parallel with giving value to the living space of customers, specifically through the following activities:


Dong Gia uses natural, regenerated, imported walnut wood to maintain natural resources; and utilizes GREEN architectural solutions through efficient use of energy, resources, light to protect human health and minimize waste and environmental pollution.


Founder, Dong Gia, organizes the annual TimCup charity football tournament to raise funds to build schools for children in the Vietnam highlands. This is a very meaningful activity that creates values and strengthens compassion in the community. The goal each year is to build a school to create the best educational environment for children.


As General Director of Dong Gia Furniture – Architect Dong Minh Hau participates in activities to inspire the next generation. Talk Shows, discussion panels, etc provide an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and modern production technology processes to stimulate the creative spirit and entrepreneurial spirit of the students.

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